i Mac

When there is no way forward, what is to be done?

1. it conks out on company time
...we experience this over and over, clean your fan, carriage and supply - that might well be so. Someone who doesn't do this, put oneself by force in danger of these things under 2.0:

how to clean my Imac? : very simple, compressed air or in a pinch the vacuum cleaner will do.

2. My Imac has often gone on strike and doesn't work any longer ( it always ends like this), in the majority of cases I have discovered graphic faults before.

What is to be done?

There are a lot of capacitors on the logicboard, if they are vaulty, then happened a internal overheating. It may also be true that the manufacturer claims that it would be the GPU.
Never ever, there are always the soldering joints of these chips which we have a lock on.
In this case we are also able to help you, we also made it out and averted the danger long before the manufacturer did it.

DVD etc. faulty: you can clean it, readjust it, a pair of spectacles or a poor eyesight also ceases sometime, right?

Grapcic or Inverterfaults (background illumination doesn't work) can be solved as well, please contact us directly.