Our repair pilosophy

Our knowledge ensures your success!

We repair every of your Apple and other electronic devices or PCBs at a reasonable price.
Condition is that they are connectable with a reasonable expenditure and that they are able to operate at a conventional device. We also solve such problems when the need arises. It concerns the special engineering, too.

Furthermore we refuse repairs where an expert recognizable tried ( unfortunately without success).
In this case we can't give an estimate, but we look after it, in this instance the time exposure has to be payed. Usually more defaults are implemented than eliminated by such repairs and that's something what makes a following repair difficult and often inefficient. We beg you that you announce this, therewith you don't have to bear unnecessary costs because we desist from an ordinary estimate in this case.
The estimate and the sophisticated option:

1. A constantly recurring question is the question in the aftermath of the estimate. The wish is understandable, you can gladly receive this beforehand. If the repair is not profitable anymore, you just have to pay this.
It accounts for:

Small devices (Radios, CD-Player etc..): 19,- EUR
TV, video and audio devices and PC's: 29,- EUR
Special machines, notebooks: 79,- EUR
for all other devices: 49,- EUR

2. Another option is that you mention a maximal price for the repair.(It should be realistic). So we can start to work immediately and you get your device normally after maximal 3 workdays back. The experience has shown that the customer is pleased and can use his device again as fast as one can. If it should emerge that your device is inefficient to repair and you don't want it, so you just have to pay the estimate.

Please don't send us something without consultation! Please give us always address, a possibility to contact you and the fault of the device!