Powermac - G5

G5 Powermac 1,8 - 2,7 GHz

When there is no way forward, what is to be done?

1. it has banged, that was the power supply! It doesn't matter whether Lite On, Samsung, Acbel or Delta send it in, ( Watch out! The removal is just with special tools to accomplish and not very simple) telephone us (pick- up request) or send it along.

2. it clicks and after that there is no way forward
2.1 don't laugh, do it! Away to the bathroom, fetch the hair drier and then pull the CPU fan preliminary to the CPU, let the hair drier run for 2 minutes and let it blow at the point between RAM bank and CPU. Now the Mac should start again. (Don't panic! That's a production problem, it's correctable, permanently, too.

Everything else helps just awhile and things are getting worse immediately. If you notice it, send it in or pick- up request with us by UPS.

3.0 CPU is not realized. This is where you have to phone us immediately, we'll solve the problem.

4.0 Fans run up, directly and always, this is where you have to call us, too.

Note : There are different power supplies at the G5 5, we have all down pat. One of them is the 1000 watt power supply, all the others have got 600 watt. This can be seen from the fact that at the bottom are busbars or alternatively also 2 dip connectors (3. is covert). As always we do not only correct the mistake of your Powermac, we also correct the construction fault from the developers. Therefore is a absolute reliability constituted for more than 5 years. But we aren't in your Mac's skin, so as always 3 years guarantee for our work and more!