Time Capsule

The most frequent cause (about 95%) for a failure is a faulty of the power supply. This is where we repair the power supply on the component part so that it won't be defective again in the following 18 months.
This means for you as always 3 years guarantee for our work for all repairs of the power supply! Another cause for mistakes is in a few cases at the logicboard which we are also able to repair with success.

You yourself are able to find the problem: Is the LED (light) at the capsule not illuminated any longer, it is a faulty of the power supply. But if there is a sign of life (LED is on), it is a faulty of the mainboard or of the harddisk drive.

We conduct lumply a repair of the power supply for 66 EUR including the return transport. The upgrading and the installation, if you don't want to do it yourself, costs lumply 10. As always the repair and the correction takes place at the same day and it is conveyed to you at the next day.